2016 marks the 30th anniversary for American Girl. Since 1986, they have been serving the public with dolls and books that are loved and cherished in many a household

This summer, American Girl will be releasing a brand new doll, 9-year-old Melody Ellison, their third black doll out of twenty in the BeForever historical line. After receiving a load of backlash after removing three minority dolls, out of the four discontinued, this change is welcomed with open arms

"When we learn about the civil rights movement, we learn about a handful of really important people. But the movement was... driven by average, ordinary Americans, like Melody," states Mark Speltz, the senior historian who assisted in relaying Melody's story. To guarantee the accuracy of her story, American Girl formed a 6-panel advisory committee that included the likes of the late civil-rights activist and politician, Julian Bond. Melody's story represents a time that is pivotal to black history. She loves to sing, and as to be expected, she's a lover of Motown (the first black-owned record company in the United States) music

She even comes with her own bed and a recording studio that plays her beloved Motown music

Although Melody has been a long time coming, we can't deny that this news makes for another much-deserved win for Black History Month. Check out this video featuring Denise Lewis Patrick, author of the 2 Melody Ellison American Girl Doll books below

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