YouTube is a blackhole of content that we all love getting lost in. Promising ourselves only to watch one video, five hours later, we find ourselves on our hundredth.

There’s a plethora of different types of content, but a couple of favorites include cover songs and dance videos. YouTuber Michael Korte was smart enough to combine them both, delivering an unforgettable mash-up of talent.

Helping him pull off the memorable feat are a few of Beyoncés dance team members. Yes, that Beyoncé.

Bey's dance team captain Ashley Everett, choreographer Chris Grant and creative assistant Anthony Burrell show off their skills. And if that wasn’t enough, they are joined by Chris Brown's choreographer John Silver.

On the music side, five incredible vocalists (India Carney, Mark Joseph, Elizabeth Komba, Bryson Camper and Erin Cafferky) effortlessly pull off dope renditions of classic and modern hits, including a dead-on tribute to Michael & Janet Jackson in “Scream.”

Brace yourself, and check out the slayage below!