The parents of Ferguson's slain Michael Brown have been awarded a secret settlement as a result of the wrongful death civil suit brought against the city of Missouri. 

The settlement amount is not disclosed, stating that by doing so "the terms of the settlement agreement could jeopardize the safety of individuals involved in this matter, whether as witnesses, parties, or investigators. In a statement made by the presiding judge, U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber, The public policy to consider records open is outweighed by the adverse impact to Plaintiffs.

While settlements involving public entities such as named defendants, the City of Missouri, Police Chief Thomas Jackson , and former police officer (and shooter) Darren Wilson, the settlement is allowed to be kept secret due to the states 'Sunshine Law.'

The St.Louis Post Dispatch reported that the settlement was not more than 3 million and the judge believed the amount to be split "fair and reasonable" between the two parents Michael Brown Sr. and Lezley McSpadden. 

The suit claims that Wilson used excessive and unreasonable force promoted by the hostile attitudes towards black citizens shows by the Missouri police department.