Fayetteville State University (FSU) announced a new Military Tuition Scholarship on Thursday, Feb. 3, which will provide free tuition to military-connected students starting Fall 2022. 

According to a statement released by the HBCU, Darnell T. Allison, the Chancellor at FSU, announced the initiative during a ceremony held at Fort Braggs Army Base in North Carolina. 

"Fayetteville State University is proud to be the premier destination, not just in North Carolina but in the nation, for educating military-connected students," Allison said. "FSU is perfectly positioned here in the Sandhills region to change the landscape on how we think about workforce readiness in today's ever-changing job market and how we, in higher education, can support veterans and their families in their transitions to the civilian workforce. We're excited to announce the Military Tuition Scholarship (fully paid) to further support those who sacrificed for our nation in their next chapter in life."

The statement notes that Allison also disclosed a report on FSU's military student support, service, and performance compared to other HBCUs. According to the study, "Deeds, Not Words: FSU's Call to Serve," conducted by the public relations and consulting firm, Evocati, FSU ranks as the top HBCU for students with military connections based on academic outcomes and programmatic offerings. In addition, the report says that FSU is placed in the top three percent of its peers for Return Of Investment (ROI). 

According to LeNaya Hezel, the report's author, FSU is the best school for students with military connections.

"Evocati was honored to provide this groundbreaking research report to FSU as part of our service to empower clients who want to research, market, and grow their impact in the military-connected community," Hezel said. "We believe FSU is the most well positioned institution in the country to play a leading role educating military-connected students. We seek to facilitate a national dialogue about the historic role HBCUs have and will continue to have, in serving this community. We look forward to building on our partnership with FSU and are excited for what comes next."

Col. Scott Pence, Fort Bragg Garrison Commander, shared that the Military Tuition Scholarship, in combination with the affordable degree programs offered at FSU, students can obtain their degrees at their convenience.

"Military veterans are diverse professionals who have unique skills and experiences, making them invaluable contributors to any organization or community," Col. Pence said. "With Fayetteville State University's affordable and flexible degree programs, along with the Military Tuition Scholarship, service members and their families can successfully complete a degree or certification on their own terms. Fort Bragg is truly thankful for the support of local colleges and universities who make it possible for service members and their families to continue their education."

Fayetteville State University also offers a variety of professional certifications that can lead to high-paying, impactful government careers through its Student Veteran Center.

Last October, FSU purchased a shopping center to expand the school's campus. According to WRAL, the HBCU bought Bronco Square for $5 million after being the co-owner for 20 years. Allison, FSU's Chancellor, told the news outlet that they purchased the property without debt.

"That's revenue-generating; that's self-producing income for Fayetteville State University," Allison said. "These are funds that we own. These are funds that we'll be able to decide among ourselves how we'll be able to disperse, how we'll be able to address the needs that we will have."

WRAL reports that Bronco Square will also be home to the FSU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub. This space will support start-up businesses and accommodate up to 40 individuals for training. This hub will replace the FSU Bookstore, which will relocate to the campus library.