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These Mississippi Museums Are Giving An Uncensored Look At Slavery And The KKK Era

The Museum of Mississippi History will take a look into a 15,000-year history and The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum spans from 1945 to 1976.

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We rejoiced when the Blacksonian was erected, now it looks like we'll be getting a new pair of dope museums for black history! This one will be taking a wholly uncensored look into slavery and the KKK era. 

According to The Republic, two museums, The Museum of Mississippi History and The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, will share one building and will not shy away from the perils of the state's history, including slave chains, graphic lynching, firebombing photos and KKK robes.  

“We are telling a much longer story in the Museum of Mississippi History, a much deeper story in the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum,” noted Katie Blount, director of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. “We want everybody to walk in one door, side by side, to learn all of our state’s stories.”

The Museum of Mississippi History will explore 15,000 years, from the Stone Age to modern times. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum will span from 1945 to 1976.

Princeton University chair of African American Studies and, Eddie S. Glaude Jr noted that “Mississippi was ground zero” for the civil rights movement. “America can’t really turn a corner with regards to its racist and violent past and present until the South, and particularly a state like Mississippi, confronts it — and confronts it unflinchingly,” said Gaude, who is a Mississippi native.

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant invited President Trump to attend the opening and he is expected to attend, per a White House official. NAACP Mississippi chapter president Charles Hampton asked Bryant to rescind the invitation noting, “an invitation to a president that has aimed to divide this nation is not becoming of this historic moment.”

The Museum of Mississippi History and The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum both open Saturday, Dec. 9, which is the 200th anniversary of Mississippi becoming the 20th state. 

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