Mom Says Son Was Forced To Relieve Himself In School Garbage Can During Class, Then Sit In His Urine-Drenched Clothes

Sonia Mongol plans to open a formal lawsuit against the Los Angeles-area school district.

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| March 13 2019,

3:50 pm

A Los Angeles mother is demanding answers after administrators at her son's elementary school reportedly forced him to sit in the stench of his urine after forcing him to use the bathroom in a garbage can.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Sonia Mongol's 8-year-old son asked his teacher to use the restroom. Instead of permitting him, the teacher instead suggested the young boy relieve himself inside of a trash can in front of his entire class.

Left with no other option, the boy obliged. However, his clothes were covered in urine, consequently producing a musty odor. Instead of contacting her about her child's accident, school officials instead gave Mongol's son trash bags for placing around his clothes. Mongol says her child is consistently teased and taunted since that embarrassing November day.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday about the incident, Mongol expressed frustration about Manhattan Place Elementary School's handling of the ordeal.

"Why would you make a child expose himself in front of the classroom and then put a garbage bag over him when he came to you for help? Why would you treat a child that way?" the mother questioned. "He's a kid."

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In a statement obtained by ABC News 7, the L.A. Unified School District said authorities were contacted shortly after the episode and confirmed it is launching an investigation into the matter. 

"Los Angeles Unified takes all matters concerning the safety and well-being of our students very seriously. Upon learning about this allegation, law enforcement was notified immediately, and the District is fully cooperating in the investigation. The District will also conduct an administrative investigation. Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot offer further details at this time."

However, Mongol remains unsatisfied. Joined by her attorney at Thursday's conference, the mother advocated for revised bathroom policies and demanded justice for all children who face similar treatment.

"New restroom laws need to be put into place," she expressed. "Children should be able to go to the restroom whenever they have to go. Our child did not deserve this, no child deserves to be treated this way. We are outraged, but this will be used not just to make conditions better for our child but for our children."

Per KTLA, Mongol and her legal team are planning to file a grievance against the district, which could soon lead to a formal lawsuit against the L.A. Unified School District.

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