Monica has apologized for jumping into the crowd and confronting a man who she believed hit a woman during her Detroit concert over the weekend.

According to The Jasmine Brand, concertgoers captured the whole thing on camera. In a clip of the incident, Monica paused the show after seeing an altercation in the crowd. She then called out one individual for hitting a nearby woman who was a part of the situation in the audience and called security to throw him out immediately.

“Don’t you hit her like that,” she’s heard saying in the clip. “Listen, if y’all don’t get that n***a up out of here, we don’t even f**king play like that; n***a, is you out yo’ f**king mind?!”

After that, Monica decided to take matters into her hands. The clips show her jumping into the crowd to handle the man she thought hit a woman in the audience. In one clip, Monica yelled at the man, calling him a “f**k ass n***a.”

According to HuffPost, Monica apologized to her fans once she returned to the stage.

“That s**t triggered me,” she said. “I seen him punch that lady in the face; I lost my f**kin’ temper. I apologize y’all. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

The “Angel of Mine” singer added she was prepared to “knock [his] ass out with this f**kin’ mic.”

The Jasmine Brand reported that The Shade Room picked up the story and shared it on Instagram. Monica hopped in the comments to address what happened and apologized for it.

She wrote, “I apologized there & I’m apologizing here for my actions but no one would take action ! I was so triggered , I watched & she didn’t appear to even know him! It appeared to be about space during a packed concert! He punched her with ALL his strength! My intentions were to prevent her from being hit again & she wasn’t ! I asked for help, it fell on deaf ears! It was like seeing my mother or an aunt be assaulted!! This woman was 50+ I pray she’s ok! Happy Sunday to everyone!”

Though she apologized, many commended her for intervening.

“All them ppl around them and the artist had to get off stage to check him instead of any of the men in this sea of ppl. i don’t like how often ppl just ignore violence,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Listen! Triggers ain’t no joke. And you will defend anyone that looks defenseless once you heal and find your own voice! Monica didn’t care about security or nothing! That’s how quick the mind and body execute and action when your triggered! Sisterhood ❤️❤️❤️,” another chimed in.

“Goonica a real one! It’s her handing the mic and jumping off the stage to handle it! PERIOD 🤣,” a fan added.