Hip-hop icon, Yasiin "Mos Def" Bey, left the music scene for a little while during a legal issue in South Africa, where he was charged with trying to leave the country using an unrecognized passport. He was able to get out of that trouble after promising never to return to the country.

Freed, Bey embarked on a farewell tour. It finished earlier this year, and fans thought they'd seen the last of Mos.

However, he recently resurfaced for one last show, and to reveal his post-music plans, the Associated Press reports.

In an interview with The AP following that final performance (given at the ONE MusicFest in Atlanta), Mos said, "I enjoyed  [performing] today," he said. "So if I get a chance to do it again in another way, I'll just give it my all. I'm always going to be creating … I'm not going to disappear if I stop rap or doing it in a certain type of way."

Paras Griffin

Though Mos claimed he wouldn't be taking the stage anymore after his "final" performance at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts in D.C. earlier this year, ONE Musicfest founder, Jason Carter, convinced Mos Def to come back one last time.

"It still hasn't sunken in yet," Carter said. "Just watching him on stage — his excitement and energy — it just looks like he would miss this entirely too much. If it is his final show, it was monumental. I would not be disappointed if it wasn't, just for who he is."

Mos did not go into explicit detail as to when fans can expect new music, but he did state that he has something in the works.

"I'm just trying to get through today," Bey said. "I've got plans. I'm just grateful to be alive to tell you the truth. I've got plans and things I've been working on, but I'm just happy for today."

And it seems that Mos isn't the only hip-hop legend hanging up the mic.

A Tribe Called Quest is all done, too, according to NME

At this year's Bestival, the three surviving members of the band, Q-Tip, Consequence and Jarobi, paid homage to their late friend and group member, Phife Dawg, who died in March 2016 after complications with diabetes.

They also announced that this would be their last show.

“A Tribe Called Quest, we suffered a blow,” rapper Q-Tip told the crowd. “We lost our boy Phife Dawg. This is gonna be our last show as A Tribe Called Quest, ever.”

Tip added, "27 years, thanks for all the support you’ve given us over the years. Phife Dawg!”

Tribe released a new record last year, We Got It from Here … Thank You for Your Service, their first in almost 10 years.

It remains to be seen whether, like Mos, Tribe will come back for one or two more final, final shows.

One thing is clear: our fingers are crossed that these announcements are more "see you laters" than "goodbyes."

Lucy Nicholson