Less than two weeks ago, we reported about Jazzy Rowe, a black girl who was poisoned by her white roommate. Tags like #JusticeForJazzy began circulating the Internet demanding a call to action in consequences for her roommate. 

So far, Jazzy's ex-roommate has been kicked out of school at the University of Hartford and charged with breach of peace and criminal mischief misdemeanor. However, according to the Hartford Courant, leaders from the NAACP, students from the University of Hartford and local leaders gathered outside the West Hartford Police Department Wednesday night pressing for former student Brianna Brochu to be charged with a hate crime.

Scot Esdaile, president of the Connecticut chapter of the NAACP, said he was told West Hartford police had not filed paperwork seeking a hate crime charge, and when he asked West Hartford police, they said they had put in a request to add hate crime charges.

“They’re playing a game, they’re going back and forth with the hot potato not wanting to make a decision,” Esdaile said. 

He encouraged those gathered to attend Brochu’s next court hearing on Nov. 15 and to reach out to the state’s attorney office. Those gathered chanted “No justice, no peace;” “When I say black lives, you say matter;” and bowed their heads in prayer. Some held posters with the NAACP logo and even one that read #JusticeForJazzy.

After trying to poison her roommate, a felony hate crime charge sounds about right. If people keep pushing back, it may come to fruition, and it doesn't look like the NAACP will stop anytime soon.