New York Activist Creates GoFundMe To Take Local Kids To See 'Black Panther' Opening Week

300 kids will get to see the most anticipated super hero film of the year.

Photo credit:Photo: Entertainment Weekly

| January 09 2018,

1:30 pm

 As February draws closer and closer, the hype for Marvel's all-back superhero flick Black Panther intensifies. In an effort to make sure everyone can get to see the most anticipated film of the year, Harlem activist Frederick Joseph set up a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of a screening for 300 lucky kids from Harlem's The Boys and Girls Club.

When the campaign went live donations began to pour in.  

Within only three days, the $10,000 goal was met and exceeded. Now, the donations total upwards of 13,000 and counting. All donations will be put to good use. The private screening at Harlem's Magic Johnson theater will have refreshments and chaperons for the kids and every dime not used for the screening will go back into the Boys and Girls Club. 

The great news came around the time of artist Kendrick Lamar's half-time show at the College Football National Championship between UGA and Alabama. KDot's show was the prelude to a new Black Panther trailer featuring new music from the film.

For those interested in bringing happiness to the children of The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem, donate here because representation will always matter.