Former NFL running back Ricky Williams said he changed his last name about a year-and-a-half ago after he got married to his wife, Linnea Miron. During an interview on The Dan Le Batard Show with StuGotz, the Texas Longhorns legend said he has changed his name to Errick Miron.

Although his first name was always legally known as Errick, the retired athlete said he has now taken his wife’s last name to find balance in their relationship, KXAN reports.

“It was quick and easy, and it felt really meaningful,” he told The Dan Le Batard Show. “In every relationship, you want to have some kind of balance, but in the traditional model, it becomes difficult when the male makes all the money.”

The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner addressed the change after the Le Batard Show hosts noticed that he has a different name on the Zoom call. Miron said he felt the urge to make the change after taking an astrology class with Linnea and realizing that a relationship imbalance showed up in their charts.

“I learned so much about our dynamic,” he said. “My wife is an attorney, so she can handle herself, but I’m the famous one. She’s been used to being the hotshot around her friends, but she comes around me, and people forget she exists. I started thinking of ways to create more balance in our relationship, and one of the things that popped into my head was taking her last name.”

Le Batard asked if Linnea was “moved by the gesture.”

“Yeah, it’s a win for both of us. I think it’s cool,” Miron said.

After a stellar college career, Miron played 11 seasons in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. Following his football career, he launched a cannabis business.