Nicki Minaj has undoubtedly had a prolific career since her debut album Pink Friday in 2010. 

Rap's resident Barbie-turned demon-possessed lyricist has evolved into a glam squad household name, most recently adding the title of best selling female rapper of all-time to her impressive accomplishments. 

While the Queens native has proven her crossover appeal, collaborating with and courting the pop community with an almost endless list of features, hip-hop fans have long questioned if the Super Bass artist would ever deliver an undisputed rap album that would reflect the title without debate.

All of this may change with the release of her upcoming new studio album.

While talking with Eminem’s SiriusXM channel Shade 45, Minaj revealed that her current focus was to deliver a body of work and "make sure it’s a classic Hip Hop album that people will never forget.”

In the hip-hop community, it is an open secret that Minaj fans and New York rap enthusiasts will often cite Nicki's pre-fame bars and battle rap background as an indicator of Nicki's often untapped pure, rap roots. 

While we can only speculate if Minaj's recent battle with long time foe, Terror Squad artist Remy Ma, was the fire that ignited this desire to deliver a classic, rap fans everywhere will be sure to keep their ears open for her latest work. 

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