Nipsey Hussle's mother just shared an uplifting message on social media that all of his family, friends and fans need to hear.

Angelique Smith, the mother of the rapper born Ermias Asghedom, recently began to speak out about her son's passing, saying that she's at "perfect peace." At a time when so many are still mourning his death, she's taken to social media to encourage others to use his energy for greater purposes.

In a Facebook message reposted by The Shade Room, the mother of the prolific rapper begins by addressing the sorrow so many are experiencing in mourning her 33-year-old son.

"You see, students, don’t fear," she said. "When you live your life, and you have God on your side, when God dwells inside of you, there is no fear. Everything is in perfect order."

"Everything is in the divine perfect order of our creator," Smith added. "And we have perfect peace. I have perfect peace, and I have strength. And I want to lift you up. Please do not stay down. Do not stay stuck. Do not mourn because Nipsey is great."

"He is the great," she continued. "And now he’s even greater because he has no bounds and no limits; his energy is everywhere. He’s there with you now, and he’s here with me now. Please be encouraged. Death is not to be feared. Death is something to prepare yourself for."

"And when you walk this Earth, and you do good deeds for people, and you are loving and kind, those are the things that will show on your face. You will look more beautiful," said the rapper's mother. "Ermias looked healthy, he looked clean, he had a glow. He was radiant. And he was so perfect that he had a sweet aroma. He even smelled good."

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"So please do not fear death. Death is just the beginning of a wonderful world. And I tell myself, Ermias liked thrilling things. And now my son knows the mystery, the secret rather, to the mystery of life.”

Smith and Nipsey's father, Dawit Asghedom, spoke with The Los Angeles Times over the weekend, detailing the reasons why they're not letting grief overpower their joy.

“I would like for him to be remembered as a humble, spirited, respectful man who had, since his childhood, had an extraordinary and unlimited intellectual capacity,” Smith shared.

She also noted that while others focused on uplifting her, she was focused on returning the energy, “chasing away the spirit of fear and grief… retaliation and anger.”

Asghedom echoed similar sentiments about his son's spiritual journey. 

“It was like he was sent by God to give some love to bring us together because that’s what his lyrics were saying, always," Asghedom said. "He’s not shy to tell the truth even though it might not look good. He wasn’t scared of anything.”

“[God] sent him to send a message," he continued. "It looks like, ‘Your time is up because you have completed what I sent you to do.’ We all have a plan, but God has his own plan. So he had completed what he needed to be doing and he did it early so [God] probably want to take him early too.”

Nipsey will be laid to rest on Thursday following a memorial service at the Staples Center and a 25-mile 'victory ride' procession through South Central Los Angeles, as Blavity reported.

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