The Marathon clothing store, a retail shop once owned by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle was vandalized. Video of the clothing store surfaced online on Tuesday showing the damage.

According to HOT 97 radio station, the video, shared by hip-hop platform My Mixtapez, showed damage to other businesses in the shopping complex where The Marathon store is located.

It's unclear when the vandalism took place, but the glass doors and windows of nearby businesses and Hussle's clothing store were shattered. The video also showed graffiti sprayed on the parking lot.

"Whoever did this s**t" the man filming the video said. "If a crip n***a ever find out who did this, it's ugly for them cuz."

Although police have yet to confirm any suspects in the incident, the Los Angeles Times reported that crime in the area has increased since the death of the rapper on March 31, 2019. Tourists and fans have come to the shopping center, where the rapper once sold mixtapes out of a car trunk, to honor Hussle's memory only to be mugged and robbed.

City officials have been at odds with the rapper's business partner, David Gross, over the violence plaguing the area. But locals attribute the violence to historical gang presence, not Hussle's store.

Gross said that any criminal activity in the area is an effect of the government's negligence in communities of color.

“This is 50 years of poor social, economic and police policies,” he said. “Don’t make it about The Marathon store and Nipsey. It hurts Nip’s legacy.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the next evolution of the property will be a mixed-use property called “Nipsey Hussle Tower” that will feature a museum.

The late rapper was shot and killed in front of The Marathon store last year at 33 years old. The case relating to his death remains open, and Eric Holder, the man charged in Hussle's death, is awaiting trial in jail, according to