In the wake of the devastating school shooting in Parkland, Florida, North Carolina lawmakers following Alabama's example are now considering arming teachers as a solution to the problem. The mass shooting has brought many conversations about gun control and reform to the forefront. But rather than implementing stricter gun laws, legislators believe arming teachers could be viable.

According to The News & Observer, a new state legislative committee will consider arming North Carolina teachers. House Speaker Tim Moore announced Tuesday that he’s forming a new school safety committee that will be charged with developing recommendations on how to improve safety in the state’s schools. During a press conference Tuesday, Moore said the committee will look at a myriad of issues with arming teachers as a possibility after getting feedback from school districts and law enforcement.

“It’s one of those things where I don’t want to come in saying we’re going to do these particular things,” said Moore. “The process of this committee is to truly get that input. We want to hear what the local school districts want to do on that. What does law enforcement believe is appropriate on that because right now it’s the law enforcement officers who are stationed in schools right now who are the front line of defense if something like this would happen.”

Having more guns at school seems counterproductive; however, many Republican representatives believe it's the best solution without "abolishing second amendment rights."

"We have to get over this useless hysteria about guns and allow school personnel to have a chance to defend their lives and those of their students,” Rep. Larry Pittman, a Republican from Cabarrus County near Charlotte said during a meeting of the Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee.

However, many are concerned this will do the opposite of what is intended. 

“This is not a pro-gun committee,” said Rep. John Torbett, a Republican from Gaston County and co-chairman of the committee. “This is not an anti-gun committee. This is a committee looking at the safety and security of our children in school.”

What do you think? This could be a disaster waiting to happen.