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MJanay Malinda Janay

Malinda is a staff writer for Blavity, freelance content creator, and executive assistant residing in Cleveland, OH. As a proud graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, she loves all things HBCU. In her free time she enjoys being a bomb plant mom, self-care, bottomless mimosas and painting. Contact by email: malindajny@gmail.com

MJanay's posts

Snapchat Takes $600 Million Hit After Rihanna Called Them Out For Distasteful Ad

Snapchat's slippery slope of bad decisions gained them a clapback from Rihanna and a loss in stock value. We reported about Snapchat's tone deaf and distasteful ad poking fun at Rihanna's 2009 domestic abuse altercation with Chris Brown on Wednesday. Yesterday, we reported that Rihanna made time to read Snapchat for their dumb decision to run the ad....

Vic Mensa Launches New Nonprofit To Help The Kids Of Chicago Process Their Trauma Due To Violence In Their Communities

Throughout Vic Mensa's career, he has always been very vocal in speaking up for his beliefs and how he feels. His latest push for social justice has come in the form of a nonprofit called SaveMoneySaveLife.The establishment will focus on two key initiatives. StreetMedics, a program to train first responders in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, placing mental health...

Alexandra Shipp Defends Her Questionable Comments On Colorism, Says Light Skin Actresses Shouldn’t Deny Themselves Roles

In a new interview with Heroine Magazine, Alexandra Shipp once again attempts to address the issue of colorism.The last time she publicly spoke on the topic, she received backlash as it was abundantly clear she was confused on the difference between racism and colorism. Now, the actress has given it another go. When interviewer Lindsey Okubo asked her about the Twitter incident and the...