Former Washington Football Team Quarterback Robert Griffin III, also known as RGIII is facing backlash after posting a tweet about his white wife.

RGIII posted a video of his wife Grete Sadeiko doing squats with the caption, “cOmE oN bRO yOUr WiFe iS wHiTE.”

“cOmE oN bRO yOUr WiFe iS wHiTE”

The Heisman Trophy winner left many people confused by his tweet, including sports reporter Taylor Rooks who retweeted Griffin’s post with the caption: “can you explain this.”

Griffin responded to Rooks stating “being white don’t mean you ain’t got no cheeks. Joke was my wife couldn’t fill out a sundress. And yes I love my wife and I’m proud of her business.” 

The Twitter debate started on Wednesday when RGIII posted a video of himself lifting weights with the caption “How I look at my wife in that sundress.” 

Some people responded with gifs and memes insinuating RGIII’s wife didn't have the “cheeks” the quarterback described.   

One user posted a tweet captioned “Your wife” with a gif of SpongeBob SquarePants’ butt being removed with a pencil eraser. 

That's when RGIII posted a video of his wife doing squats, however, even with the explanation that did not stop the free-agent quarterback from being dragged on Twitter.

“This isn’t the flex u think it is…but carry on…love whoever u want. Black men always tryna justify their choices. Just do u bruh, we don’t gaf,” one Twitter user said. 

“Bro ain’t been right since he got this shape up” another Twitter user said.

“Crazy thing is, nobody would’ve said anything had he not made this weird post. This is completely self inflicted lol,” one Twitter user said

One user posted four side eye emojis with a video of a Black man stating “coonchip will activate, it only takes a little bit of white brainwash to activate the coonchip in the average negro.” 

“What was the meaning of this post,” one Twitter user wrote above a video of Joe Budden angrily yelling “Why.”

RGIII decided to end the feud on Thursday by posting a tweet stating the “Moral of the story – Don’t argue with Twitter.”

Griffin’s Twitter controversy comes as he is making a transition from being on the field to becoming a sports analyst for either ESPN or FOX sports, the New York Post reported.

At this time it’s unclear if he plans to retire from the game.