Tuesday's Twitter timeline began as just another white-person-known-to-be-racist-says-something-no-longer-allowing-people-to-pretend-they're-not-racist kind of day. But within hours of Roseanne Barr comparing former Obama official Valerie Jarrett to an ape, ABC's president, who is a black woman, announced the reboot of the 90s sitcom, which takes its name from the 65-year-old, was completely and utterly, cancelled.

As we all danced in the bliss unique to the experience of scrolling through social media after racists meet their social demise, comedian and "United Shades Of America" host W. Kamu Bell was already looking forward. 

"So @ABCNetwork, does this Roseanne hole in the schedule mean we can finally get that pulled Colin Kaepernick @blackishabc episode now?" the comic asked.

In March, reports surfaced reports that ABC pulled an episode of popular family sitcom "Black-ish" which would address the NFL protests spearheaded by Colin Kaepernick. Many were disgusted but not surprised by the network's hypocrisy in allowing "Roseanne" to address political commentary despite potential for controversy while prohibiting "Black-ish" from doing the same. 

Now that the network looks like it may have some capacity to do better, folks are certainly championing this request. 

Are we here for it? Hells yes. Will it happen? Probably, not. But whoever thought we'd see Roseanne meet her fate.