New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Maya Wiley is condemning the behavior of the New York Police Department after people were injured during the pride march over the weekend. 

As the city’s annual pride march wrapped up Sunday evening, the NYPD says eight people were arrested for disturbances near Washington Square Park, the New York Daily News reported.  

As of Monday afternoon, four people remain in police custody and face numerous charges which include assaulting officers and resisting arrest.

Wiley, a civil rights attorney, however, is accusing police of using excessive force against marchers. She says law enforcement acted unfairly when officers pepper-sprayed and arrested people during the march. 

“When ‘protect and serve’ becomes ‘pepper spray and serve up to the criminal justice system’ we must scream this is NOT public safety! We need civilian oversight of the priorities and policies of policing. Not just discipline AFTER misconduct!” Wiley said in a tweet.

Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed that the police response was excessive, the New York Daily News reported. 

“A couple of things in Washington Square Park could have been handled better, should have been handled better,” he said.

Wiley says this event is an example of why the city of New York needs police reform. The civil rights attorney has vowed to tackle policing if she is elected mayor, as Blavity previously reported.

Last week, Wiley appeared on Fox 5’s Good Day New York and stated that the NYPD needs to be defunded. For critics of defunding the police department, Wiley doubled down and stated that if $1 billion was cut from the department, safety wouldn’t be a concern for residents.

“It is critically important if we’re going to solve our problems and meet our people’s needs that we be honest about what’s happening: There’s no other agency in government that could get away with the waste, and the lack of accountability that the New York City police department gets away with,” she said. 

Wiley, who was endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, trails behind Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams by about 10%. Election officials say they plan to begin counting mail-in ballots on Tuesday, The New York Daily News reported.

Although many believe Adams will be declared the Democratic winner of the primary race, it could take until the end of July before a winner is announced.