Gentrification in New York City has hit a new low.

As the city's prison population falls, the need for prisons also decreases. The city of New York is selling off the Lincoln Correctional Facility to developers in the next few months.

According to The New York Daily News, the men's security prison is located near Central Park making it a coveted location for prospective developers. There are plans to convert the shuttered prison into luxury condos. 

Global real estate adviser for Sotheby’s International Realty, Mae Bagai, told the Daily News the view from the prison is what makes the location unique. The Daily News points out the view gives people a clear look at the Harlem Meer and the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.

“That view doesn’t exist anywhere,” Bagai said. “Only the Met has something comparable, that’s how desirable it is. It’s prime, trophy real estate, and it’s exactly what everyone wants.”

The eight-story building is also positioned perfectly between midtown and downtown. Those who can afford the future housing offerings will get the greatest New York City experience. However, property and rent prices for others near the new condos will more than likely increase, pushing out low-income residents

A study from the University of California, Berkeley states the displaced may not be able to find viable housing because the "suburbs have [been] gentrified and grown increasingly exclusionary toward low-income residents” as well.

The Big Apple is known for its limited housing and great cuisine. But if you are rich, finding a home isn't a problem. Finding affordable housing as a person without means is an issue. 

“Yeah, I mean, you could afford it if you’re making over $300,000 a year because that’s [what the city calls] affordable housing,” NYC resident Matt Haynes told Pix11. “It’s unrealistic.”

Although the prison has not been sold off yet, there is already extreme interest. The correctional facility will be closed in the next 90 days and officially sold to the highest bidder. 

For nearly 43 years, the prison was in use. However, due to the decrease in crime and incarceration rates, there are now about 133 inmates housed in the facility. Many of those incarcerated at the institution are work-release drug offenders and white-collar criminals.

Livingston Correctional Facility, another prison in upstate New York, will also be shuttered. There is no confirmation if that prison will be sold off as well.