It's not every day that Twitter discovers President Obama may have a long-lost son named Tevin Reid, who is a sophomore at Hampton University studying aviation management. 

When he posted photos of his crossing the road to Sigma Land, he received some very surprising reactions. One Twitter user said, "Lowkey thought this was Obama."

"When I first got the notification, 'I thought this was Obama for a second,' I was like, huh? But I didn’t realize how much I resembled him," Reid told Blavity. "So after I just embraced it and took it as a compliment. That’s a good brother right there!" 

Photo: Tevin Reid/Twitter

Reid crossed as a Sigma and said that he is grateful to now be a part of the fraternity and that he is at a loss for words to his resemblance to President Obama. 

"The current feeling I have is just speechless, I am part of a great fraternity that sees things in a bigger view. Glad I crossed Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated," Reid said. 

Photo: Tevin Reid/Twitter