After becoming a Super Bowl champion with the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. is now eagerly anticipating the arrival of his baby. Speaking with reporters before the Super Bowl, Beckham said he was hoping that his child wouldn't be born during the big game.

“I think God’s got a different plan,” he said, according to WSOC-TV. “I don’t need it during the Super Bowl. I want to be able to see my child being born.”

Beckham, of course, had his phone on standby, waiting to get a call about his child any second.

"Literally my phone is right here just in case, so I'm on call," he said, according to the Associated Press. 

The wide receiver and his girlfriend Lauren Wood, a model and fitness trainer, took to Instagram in November to announce that they were expecting. Beckham said he had his hands full while preparing for the Super Bowl and the birth of the couple's firstborn.

"That’s a lot of blessings all in at one time,” the NFL star said. “I thought about that last night. I’m like, man, it really is a lot … for one person to handle and hold onto.”