Verzuz, the popular streaming series, sent social media into a frenzy when it made its return on Thursday with a battle between R&B legends Mario and Omarion, as well as a pre-show that placed Ray J and Bobby V in a matchup against Sammie and Pleasure P. There was a whole lot of disrespecting going on during the show, and fans were definitely here for it.

Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P and Sammie started with a furious battle in the pre-show, going back and forth as they bragged about their music careers. But it was Ray J who took some of the most brutal shots during the show. While fans called out Ray J for singing off-key, his opponents called him “Brandy’s Brother.”  

Fans could only imagine what Brandy was thinking when her name was dropped during the battle.

Social media users found pleasure in clowning Ray J as he was taking jabs on the stage.

The pre-show turned out to be a whole lot of foolishness, according to many viewers.

Fans appeared to be already exhausted after watching the pre-show.

The general consensus dubbed Mario as the winner of the night.

According to Uproxx, Thursday’s show was broadcast live from Los Angeles. The heated battle ended with mutual love.

“We come up in an era, it was different from this era, when it was no Instagram, no social media,” Mario said while standing with Omarion, Revolt reports. “You really had to tap into your artistry. You know, we got a chance to see things from both sides. Honestly, I feel like we’re both examples for our generation as men, as Black men. We got a lot to share with the world.”