Outraged Georgia Mom Calls For State Investigation After Daughter’s Braid Is Ripped From Scalp At Day Care

Someone definitely needs to explain what happened to baby girl’s hair.

Photo Credit: 11 Alive News

| July 12 2019,

1:34 pm

A Georgia mom is getting the state involved after her 3-year-old daughter was sent home from day care with a braid ripped from her scalp. 

Arielle, the girl’s mother, spoke with NBC-affiliate channel 11 Alive News and said her older sister picked up her daughter from the home-based day care the day. Arielle’s daughter told her aunt that another child bit her hair and pulled it out; when she returned home, her mother was furious.

“My child’s hair has been ripped from her scalp,” she said. “These are braids coming from her real hair from her scalp.”

According to Arielle, the caretaker was on another floor when the incident happened. 11 Alive News visited the day care, and its proprietor Mildred Brown said she was “not aware” of the allegation. 

“She is my child and I’m going to defend her every chance I get,” she said.

“What else has happened that I don’t know about? I just want answers. I want to know why did you not say anything?” she asked. 

According to the state’s Department of Early Care and Learning, the day care has been licensed since 2015 and is in “good standing.” A spokesperson for the agency said they are looking into the allegations.

“The health and safety of Georgia’s youngest learners and peace of mind for their families is always our top priority.”

If the investigation supports the claims, the day care could be sanctioned or closed.