The 10th season of Love and Hip Hop New York premiered on Monday night, kicking off with some returning faces and updates to interesting storylines. Despite the show’s dramatic reputation, one scene captured viewers’ attention when rapper Papoose gave his friend and fellow rapper Joe Budden some much-needed advice on his failed relationship with his ex Cyn Santana. 

In the season premiere, Papoose, Budden and fellow Love and Hip Hop star Richie Dollaz linked up at a billiard hall to catch up over a game of pool. Papoose then decides to take it upon himself to call Budden out on his impractical ways. 

“One of the things I’m noticing is that you not acknowledging you was wrong for having that in the phone,” the “Black Love” rapper told Budden.

According to Santana, the mother of Budden's infant son, the rapper was being unfaithful by cheating and communicating with other women outside of their relationship. Budden proposed to Santana in 2018 during a live taping of his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal.

“You supposed to cater to your woman. Treat her like a queen. You proposed for a reason bro. Don’t throw that away so fast,” Papoose continued. 

Dollaz agreed with Papoose, echoing that Budden “absolutely proposed for a reason.”

On the defense, Budden responded by explaining that Santana was the one who left the relationship. But in true friend fashion, Papoose wasn’t going to let Budden off that easy. 

“She left, you know why?” Papoose asked. “Because that shows a woman ain’t gonna tolerate me doing wrong.”

Budden clapped back, saying, “No, that shows that you lack effective communication as an adult. That’s what it shows.”

Shutting down the back and forth, Papoose said, “In that case, if you’re saying that about her, when she looked in your phone and seen that, that shouldn’t have been a surprise.” 

Folks on Twitter chimed in on the debate, commending Papoose for checking Budden on his contradictory behavior. 

Others applauded Papoose’s advice as a testament of what a sincere friendship looks like, especially when difficult topics and conversations are on the table. 

We’ll see if Pap’s words stuck with Budden throughout the season and if he works to reverse some of his wrongdoing in his relationship. After all, this was only episode one.