On Sunday, Pastor Jamal Bryant took time out to address Republican Herschel Walker‘s candidacy for U.S. Senate in the state of Georgia, and he didn’t hold back.

It’s election time for the U.S. Senate, and Walker is currently running for a seat as a representative of Georgia against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. Although he’s repping “The Peach State,” he hasn’t lived there in while and has been a Dallas resident for many years. In August 2021, the former Dallas Cowboys running back told Fox 4 News he’s “always thought about Georgia” because he previously lived there, so he doesn’t “care what they say.”

Bryant emphasized why Walker moved his run for Senate from Texas to Georgia during his Sunday church service, which has since gone viral on Twitter with over 1.4 million views.

The Atlanta preacher claimed that the Republican Party of Georgia wasn’t prepared for a “post-Antebellum” Southern state to turn blue that fast.

“The state had been flipped blue and there were some principalities that weren’t prepared for a Black man and a Jewish man to go to the Senate at the exact same time,” Bryant said. “So they figured they would delude us by picking somebody who they thought would, in fact, represent us better with a football than with a degree in philosophy.”

The 51-year-old also mentioned how politicians believe that Black people are voters that can be easily swayed to pick a candidate just because they are the same race.

“They thought we were so slow, that we were so stupid, that we would elect the lowest caricature of a stereotypical broken Black man as opposed to somebody who is educated and erudite and focused,” he said at the pulpit.

He then went on to address how since the age of 16, Walker has been led by “white men” because he’s always followed their guidance when deciding “what school to go to, where to live, where to eat, where to run, where to sit down,” and more examples.

Bryant ended the two-minute speech by explaining what type of representative is needed in the Georgia Senate seat.

“In 2022, we don’t need a ‘Walker,’ we need a runner! We need somebody who gon’ run and tell the truth about January 6. We need somebody who gon’ run and push for the cancellation of student loan debts. We need somebody who gon’ run and make the former president respond to a subpoena,” he declared.

He continued, “Georgia, I need you to know the slave Negroes y’all are used to don’t live here no more. We can think for ourselves, function for ourselves and vote for ourselves. Why? Cause we don’t need a ‘Walker!'”

Twitter took the time to react to Bryant’s speech.