Shortly after hearing reports of Kim Kardashian breaking up with Pete Davidson, social media users got Kanye West trending on Twitter. According to the memes circulating on the internet, Kanye may be gloating after learning about the breakup.

According to TMZ, there are reports of Kanye and Kim getting along recently. However, sources also told TMZ that the pair are moving forward with their divorce.

Another source speaking to E News said Kanye and Kim “are in a really great place” with co-parenting while raising their four children.

Kanye went to social media in March and vented about Davidson, saying “the boyfriend texts me, antagonizing me, bragging about being in bed with my wife.”

The rapper also prayed for his children.

“I know our nannies, some of them are Christian,” he said. “Touch them please God today and have them bring my children to Sunday service this morning. The devil ain’t gonna win.”