A Peruvian comedy show is facing backlash after featuring a segment with actors who appeared in blackface, mocking Jada and Will Smith. The show, which caused outrage when photos first circulated on Instagram, also shows the actors with exaggerated facial features.

The images were first seen on the Instagram page of Peruvian comedian Carlitos Vilchez but have since been deleted. Still, social media users sparked a discussion about Black people facing racism in the Latin community.

Some social media users said the show has a history of using blackface to depict Black characters.

Others who have grown up in the Hispanic culture pointed to examples of racism they have seen among their own families.

Vilchez’s show features several other skits where actors wear wigs, costumes, large ears, masks and blackface.

Vilchez has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram and nearly the same amount on Facebook.