The only way we can make the world a better place is by helping others when we can.

Actors Phylicia Rashad and Denzel Washington embodied that sentiment when they helped Susan Kelechi Watson, a Howard University student at the time, study William Shakespeare’s work at the prestigious University of Oxford.

During a recent appearance on "Live! with Kelly and Ryan," the "This is Us" star told the hosts about being unable to pay for the Oxford trip and how Rashad and Washington foot the bill.

“When we were at Howard, there were like 10 of us who had the opportunity to learn Shakespeare at Oxford for the summer,” she said. “They didn’t have many minority students, much less people from a historically black university go. We were one of the inaugural groups to go."

"But none of us had the extra money to go. Each person, it was like $5,000 per person or something like that. I remember a friend of mine reached out to Phylicia
Rashad, who is also an [alumna] of Howard, and got on the phone with Phylicia and Phylicia was like, ‘Oh no you are going!’ And we were like,”Okay…” She said, ‘I will call you back.'”

Rashad then contacted Washington, and the two paid for the entire group's trip.

"'Denzel and I are paying for you guys to go,' Rashad told Watson when she called. "I’m happy to say he paid for my scholarship to go and we went and had this amazing summer that changed all of our lives, Watson said.

Watch the full clip below: