Pit bulls.


What happened as you read those words? Did you squint your eyes with tension, or did you fill up with a warm sense of love and comfort? Sadly, many among us have been negatively conditioned by the hundreds of pit-bull-related stories put forth in mainstream news and media.  It wasn’t until I saw this beautiful photo journalism book by Becca Shuman that I started to second guess my judgment of pibulls and reflect on where I was getting the information regarding Pit bulls from.


Pitbulls are an “other”. People cross the street when they see them. Their reputation for aggression somehow voids their ability to love. Their reputation is controlled by the small amounts of violence that the media reports on. If you own one, your cost of living will rise.
But I digress… take a look at a Becca’s work below and see for yourself.

The process behind her work is also incredible. See below:

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG


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