The body of Kathleen Moore was discovered by authorities in Florida just 50 yards away from her boyfriend Collin Knapp's home, one day after he was arrested in connection to her disappearance and charged with second-degree murder. Moore was found on Tuesday after officials conducted a thorough search of the larger area near Knapp's home, NBC news reports. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office was able to identify her body through her tattoos.

"It was a very heavily brushed area," Sheriff Chris Nocco said, according to NBC News. "She was actually covered … she was definitely covered on purpose to make sure nobody could come upon her.”

The sheriff said a tip came in from a passerby in the area around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, which led them to the discovery, according to CNN. Moore had been missing for about a week before her body was found. She was last seen alive on Nov. 28 with Knapp, and the two went out for drinks with a group of friends in Largo and Indian Rocks Beach, where they were seen arguing.

They left together in Knapp's vehicle, a Cadillac, and according to the sheriff's timeline of events, the car made a stop around 12:30 a.m., when Knapp stopped at a nearby 7-Eleven for cigarettes. They then went to Knapp's home in Port Richey, a suburb northwest of Tampa, Florida, where they got into another verbal altercation, CNN reports.

Knapp said that Moore left his home with her backpack, but authorities said there was no evidence proving she ever left the residence. Police previously believed that Moore was dead and initially sought the assistance of Knapp to locate her body. 

“We wish that Collin would provide us information on where Kathleen is. … As one of our detectives described, he was very cold, even when we were begging with him to tell us where her body is, he wouldn’t give us that information,” Nocco told press on Monday, Dec. 6.

Knapp told detectives that he left his home at 1:30 a.m. that morning to go to work at Harold Seltzer’s Steakhouse in Port Richey, where he had to complete a meat inventory. It was there that investigators found several blood-stained clothes belonging to Knapp that had been dumped in the dumpster at the restaurant. Upon an investigation from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, it was determined that the blood on the clothes belonged to Moore. 

“We found out through the investigation that Collin had some garments of clothes that he had taken to work at Harolds Seltzer's and put it in the dumpster there,” Nocco said, according to NBC News. 

Police said Knapp has a long history of run-ins with the law, including aggravated assault and domestic violence allegations.

"Our hearts and prayers pour out to the family and friends of Kathleen Moore. I know you were all searching for a better resolution, and we all were, but unfortunately, this is what we have," Nocco said, according to CNN. "If there's one thing that I can tell the family is that Kathleen was absolutely loved by this community," he added.