Everyone hates an annoying Internet troll, but in the age of technology they're literally everywhere. They're usually easy to spot because they generally have the same criteria. A profile picture of anything but themselves, very few followers and a feed of negativity on the same subjects. However, what happens when a troll becomes a popular Twitter account with positive content? Even the best of us may fall for the nonsense.

The now-suspended Twitter account @Crystal1Johnson, claimed to be an African American woman, and mostly posted uplifting stories. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had fallen for the account, retweeting one of her positive stories. 

Now, the Daily Beast is reporting that @Crystal1Johnson was identified as a Kremlin-created account by the independent Russian news agency RBC, which published an exhaustive investigation on the subject earlier this month. Accounts were operated out of the Internet Research Agency, or “Russian troll factory.” 

“Johnson" claimed to be from Richmond, Va., and would infrequently tweet links to inflammatory stories about Hillary Clinton, making the account one of many that were pushing Russian propaganda on major American social media platforms during the 2016 election. 

Accounts like “Johnson’s” were frequently used to build up influence with unwitting actors by posting shareable stories, pictures and content, then weaponized for divisive political messages. She was one of many African Americans used to bash Hilary Clinton. 

Twitter has been somewhat lackluster in its role in the Russian investigation. However, in a Sept. 28 press release, Twitter claims to have shut down 201 accounts for violating rules involving misinformation in a blog post titled “Update: Russian Interference in 2016 US Election.”

How convenient it must be to become a black person only when you're trying to sway us.  Unfortunately, this account is one of many.