Joseph Kitchen, president of the Young Democrats of Maryland, was found dead on Sunday after having been missing for more than a week. The Prince George’s County Police Department confirmed that the body of the 34-year-old was found in Washington, D.C., but the department didn't give additional details, CBS Baltimore reported

Kitchen's brother, Lawrence Ramirez, said the young community leader was found dead in his own apartment but that no foul play is suspected, according to The Washington Post.

“What we want folks to remember is that Joseph was a big advocate for youth of color and that were in environments they could not control,” Ramirez told The Post. “He worked his life fighting for a change when it came to youth in underserved areas. We want people to remember him for that.”

Kitchen was seen in person at a park in Annapolis, Maryland, before he went missing on August 8, according to the New York Post. On July 22, he shared on social media that he hadn't been in a good space.

"For the past few days (possibly even weeks) I have been struggling," he wrote on Twitter. "Mostly in silence. Surviving with a jam-packed schedule of meetings, phone calls and even some Facebook live events. Last week I realized, I am not okay."

The young Democrat said he "became literally too 'sick' to get out of bed every morning for two weeks." 

"Then last Friday, I couldn't get out of bed at all," he added. "It was my body's way of saying, we are not OK."