Presidential debate round 2: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton jabs got uglier than the first

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| October 10 2016,

10:42 am

Round two of the town hall presidential debate took place Sunday night, live at Washington University in St. Louis. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came to bat after a jarring week on the campaign trail. The results from a CNN/ORC show 57 percent of respondents citing Clinton as the victor, with 34% backing Trump. Instead of starting the night off in a friendly manner, both sides skipped the customary opening handshake

Their faceoff was more like a cypher, not a traditional debate.

And this duet-like image is the money shot.


This man in the audience really described everyone's feelings about the debate.

Him, too.

At the end of the 90-minute debate, Trump ended on a complimentary note.

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