Princess Nokia On Being Sexually Fluid And Making Music For Girls With The 'Delusional Confidence Of Barbra Streisand'

Nokia, who has made headlines for her rebellious persona, opens up in an interview with Blavity.

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| August 21 2018,

8:42 pm

Nokia has made headlines for her rebellious persona, most notably when she threw a cup of hot soup at a racist yelling at a group of children on a New York City subway and punched a white boy for shouting "show me your tits" during one of her concert performances. That's "what you do when a white boy disrespects you."

Welcome to the DojoBlavity: Do you use fashion as activism?

Princess Nokia:Annie Hall
Annie HallYou're a low-key philosopher. How did you become so confident?
Do you still identify as bisexual today?

What is your goal with your music?
How are you a samurai?

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