Janel Prator, the woman behind a popular dessert store known as The Puddery in Pearland, Texas, is getting nationwide recognition. Prator, who has been featured on the Food Network, sells products at her own store, as well as local shops and other locations across the U.S.

According to Black Business, Prator’s dream started to take shape in 2006 when she was working at a phone company, where she would make treats for her co-workers. The colleagues especially showed love for Prator’s banana pudding, which inspired her to start her own business.

As she launched her business, Prator perfected her banana pudding with a variety of fruits and cookies, as well as other mouth-watering ingredients. The business continued to gain popularity through the years and became widely recognized in multiple regions.

When she was featured on the Food Network show, The Great Food Truck, Prator was joined by her sister, Shanel, and friend Rick Wilson. At that time, Prator’s business was known as Nana Queens. The trio came together on the show to compete against seven other teams for a chance to impress food critics and win $50,000. They were, however, eliminated early in the competition.

In an interview with Community Impact, a publication based in Texas, Prator said she first sold her desserts at bake sales and community events in California but relocated to Pearland in 2021 to open a brick-and-mortar store.

“I am so honored that there is a mix in the community of every different background, every nationality,” Prator said. “And they all say, ‘We are here for the pudding!'”

Per the store’s site, The Puddery is described as “a comforting memory that brings you back to time spent with family and shared spoonfuls of love.”

“This is new-school banana pudding goodness, whole ingredients, and well-loved recipes, with a twist,” the site states. “Each cupful is a reminder to savor the delicious moments one sweet bite at a time.”

In addition to making the pudding available at various stores, Prater’s products can be ordered for special events or home delivery. Prater also plans to open multiple truck locations.

The Puddery, not only offers various types of puddings but also includes a variety of other irresistible desserts. Some of the items featured on the business’s social media pages include a Snickers cheesecake on a stick, as well as the Cookies and Butter Croffle and Strawberry Banana Croffle.

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Prator highlighted the special relationship she has with her customers.

“One of my lovely customers stopped by @thepuddery today and said she had a gift for me because she really appreciated the service the last time she stopped in,” she wrote. “Her kind words made me cry!!!!!! Well, I’m a crybaby anyway sooo…. But, NOT THE POINT!! She really made my day and this gift is so beautiful. It’s a giant glass tea cup and I’m going to use this to sit at home and enjoy my tea!!!”

Prator said her customers have been constantly supportive and she’s happy to do whatever it takes to keep them coming back.

“I am honored that people trust me [and] spend their hard-earned money with me,” Prator told Community Impact in the same interview mentioned earlier.

The Texas business owner offers over 30 pudding flavors. Although people across the country are demanding Prator’s pudding, she said her priority is the local customers.

“I didn’t know there was such a demand, but there is a huge demand for shipping pudding,” Prator said. “But right now my main focus is on my local customers.”