R. Kelly has no money and more problems.

Court records obtained by The Blast show Wintrust Bank told his former landlord the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has a negative $13 balance in one of his accounts.

Kelly also has two accounts with Bank of America, and they held a total of $154,527.22 before the funds were seized to pay Kelly’s debts. He was left with only $625 to his name.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, an organization responsible for collecting funds owed to artists, claims no money is owed to Kelly.

Kelly’s finances have been under scrutiny since several women came forward with new sexual abuse allegations. He was charged with ten counts of sexual abuse on February 22, as Blavity previously reported. If convicted, Kelly faces up to 70 years in prison. Kelly was thrown in jail twice for the abuse allegations and back child support but was later bailed out by friends.

Kelly claimed he only had $35K to his name during an infamous interview with Gayle King in March, according to Capital Xtra.

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“So many people have been stealing my money. People was connected to my account. I went by myself for the first time to a Bank of America," he said.

"Didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t know what was going on... three weeks ago to a month. Because I was so tired of not knowing where my money was, where my publishing was.”

Kelly also complained about his inability to work due to the controversy.

“How can I pay child support? How, if my ex-wife is destroying my name and I can’t work?” Kelly complained. “How can I work? How can I get paid? How can I take care of my kids? How?”

Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, admitted his client’s finances were “a mess” during a bond hearing on February 23, according to Insider. He later blamed Kelly’s money troubles on members of his inner circle.

"This is someone who should be wealthy at this stage of his career," Greenberg said after the hearing. "And through mismanagement, through hangers-on, and bad contracts, and bad deals, and bad leases like he had in his studio. He really doesn't have any money at this point. I don't even think he owns the rights to 'I Believe I Can Fly.'"

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