Rap Snacks, the popular snack brand inspired by hip-hop, is now expanding into a trucking business.

For years, the company has been using its well-recognized trucks, decorated with the Rap Snacks logo and images of the iconic snack packages, to deliver products to distribution centers. Now, the company has unveiled Rap Snacks Trucking, which is described as “a full-fledged transportation management company.”

“We are excited to embark on this new journey into the trucking industry,” James Lindsay, CEO of Rap Snacks, said in a statement to Blavity. “We believe this new route reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, empowerment, and community support. We intend to leverage our reputation, relationships, and experience to aid in contract procurement, benefiting small businesses.”

Rap Snacks Trucking plans to make investments in trailers and trucking equipment. Additionally, the company aims to eventually expand into semi and box-truck fleets.

“Rap Snacks is committed to fostering collaborations with small businesses in the trucking industry, enabling them to secure better-paying loads and achieve business success,” the company stated.

Rap Snacks Trucking said it looks forward to working with drivers, owners, operators and dispatchers who share a similar passion for the industry.

“By joining our innovative nationwide service, partners can look forward to quality customer service, lucrative opportunities to transport Rap Snacks products, and significant cost savings for their companies,” the statement continued.

Rap Snacks also plans to open trucking classes for people who want to learn the business.

“Rap Snacks Trucking Company is dedicated to supporting independent truckers and carriers, providing opportunities for growth and success in the industry,” the company stated.

Rap Snacks Trucking will first operate in the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest parts of the country. The company plans to later expand to other regions.

Rap Snacks is often recognized for its decorated packaging, which features images of popular hip-hop artists, including Rick Ross, Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj, The Migos and Master P. The brand offers seasoned potato and corn chips, as well as popcorn, ramen noodles and beverages. The products are sold online and in stores across the U.S. and Canada.