When the right book finds you at the right time, there’s no word to properly describe the feeling. I’m just about halfway through Into the Go-Slow and already Bridgett M. Davis has given me a story that is reading me as I read it. I went to see Davis read, while y’all were watching the Super Bowl. Clearly, I live a very thrilling life. 😉 Stay tuned for what’s to come this month with the author!

Back to the story…In a way Angie reminds me of myself, and this story is providing a safe space for me to self-reflect. Always cautious with her words, always willing to say “yes” even if that means time away from herself, and silently grieving over the loss of her older sister, Angie seems to stall “growing up.” I think it’s for fear that perhaps she’s missed something, some memory, that if she doesn’t hold on to it, it’ll get lost in the abyss of the past. But maybe if there’s more than one way to lose something, then there’s got to be more than one way to hold on.

When Angie decides to leave Detroit, what are your first thoughts?

A. “The Motherland Awaits You Sista!”

B. “Girl, You Finna Get Got. You Better Stay Your Behind In Detroit!”

C. “I Hope She Tries The Egusi.”

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#FoodForThought: Angie’s impulsive decision to go to Nigeria shifts the trajectory of the story, but does it also begin to change her relationship to her sister’s memory?