Since the release of their international hit “Calm Down,” which is said to be the biggest mainstream Afrobeats song ever, Nigerian singer and rapper Rema and singer/actress Selena Gomez have developed a strong bond beyond just the music.

The duo made history after winning the first best Afrobeats award at Tuesday’s MTV Video Music Awards for “Calm Down.” During his speech, Rema showed love to his home continent of Africa, paid homage to his predecessors within the genre and showed some major love to his collaborator. 

“I wanna give a big shout-out to the new generation of Afrobeats, we’re here to take it to the rest of the world,” Rema said during his spirited speech. “And one more time, make some noise for Selena Gomez.”

She returned the love and adoration after he invited her to share remarks during their acceptance speech.

“Thank you so much, Rema, for believing in me, and thank you for choosing me and for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible song that’s been able to break records,” Gomez said.

Rema was a fan of Selena Gomez even before they worked together on the “Calm Down” remix, so the idea to collaborate wasn’t too far-fetched.

“Everybody rocks with Selena, first of all,” he told People magazine. “I’ve been rocking with her, and it was a blessing to find out she actually rocks with me. She listens to my music.” 

In addition to their recent VMA win, “Calm Down” has remained No. 1 on the Billboard U.S. Afrobeats Songs chart for 54 weeks and became Rema’s first-ever Top 10 single in the United States.

Regarding future collaborations, the young Nigerian star already has some thoughts in mind.

“I wanna meet Meg (Thee Stallion). I wanna meet Nicki (Minaj),” Rema told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if there was anyone he hoped to meet for a possible collaboration shortly after his VMA win.