Remy Ma is once again coming under fire for her comments on sexual abuse. 

On Monday’s episode of Revolt’s State of the Culture, the panel of hosts discussed Antonio Brown and the rape allegations brought against him. Joe Budden asked the question “is injury the only thing that can sideline an athlete?” considering many athletes have continued to have a career despite sexual assault allegations, citing Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger. 

The wide receiver was picked up by the New England Patriots after being released by the Oakland Raiders. After two sexual assault allegations were brought against him, the Patriots decided to release the athlete. Despite all the allegations, he is reportedly still drawing interest from multiple teams.  

Before the conversation even began on SOTC, Remy Ma acknowledged that she was going to draw heat because she comes off as the “female basher” and “victim blamer.”

Despite knowing her comments were likely to be problematic, the Terror Squad member criticized victims for waiting until their abuser is vulnerable to speak up. “Every time we hear about it, it’s never like it happened this morning, it happened yesterday, it happened over the weekend...It always happens when other things are going on, like there’s always another agenda.”

The femcee goes on to state “it’s all about money,” comparing receiving money in a rape case to prostitution, questioning why one of Brown’s alleged victims asked for $2 million in the settlement. 

“When you come to me with a number and say ‘hey give me two million dollars and I’ll go away’ now to me you’re being paid.”

Co-host Eboni K. Williams interjects and asked if that could be compensation. Ma replies, “that’s called prostitution. If something happens to you sexually and you want money in exchange for it.”

Budden, Williams and Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins didn’t share the same ideas as their co-host. Throughout the conversation, they challenged the "All The Way Up" rapper and played “devil’s advocate” with her. 

This isn’t the first time she’s been criticized for her controversial opinions on sexual assault. The Love and Hip Hop star previously stated she didn’t believe all 60 of Bill Cosby’s accusers, questioning where the evidence was coming from. She has also questioned why the families of R. Kelly’s victims have been the ones speaking out against the singer and not the victims themselves.