Rapper Remy Ma shared her perspective on gender stereotypes when she recently sat down for an interview with HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning show. The artist first provided some thoughts about the trend of adding “female” to a woman’s title. She said it’s unnecessary to add a qualifier such as “female rapper” or “female judge” because it makes women appear inferior at their job in comparison to men.

Speaking about the stereotypes she has been conditioned to believe, however, Remy admitted that she prefers not to have a woman as an Uber driver.

“That’s my biggest thing, if I see it I’m declining it,” the rapper said. “Because I don’t want a woman driver, period. Because most women can’t drive, I’m sorry.” 

Still, Remy described herself as an amazing driver.

“I drive amazingly, I’m Nascar fast car,” she said. “But, for the most part, one time I got into the car [with a women driver] and I was peeling the skin off my eyelids. … I’m telling you, I know it’s a problem because I do it in certain instances, and I am a whole woman that is all for female empowerment, but I don’t want a woman driver.”

The New York native said she made her point to prove that women also make stereotypes about women.

“We do it amongst ourselves, as women,” she said, adding that there are other instances where she doesn’t trust women for certain tasks. “We’ve been taught that a guy might do it better.”

Remy pointed to her lawyer as an example of a woman facing a negative stereotype.

“I actually have an amazing female lawyer,” the rapper said, while also admitting that she would have stereotyped her lawyer in past years. “We have been programmed to feel like women are gonna be inferior to men. But as I have become older and wiser and just more informed, I’m not as ignorant of certain things.”