In a recent meeting with President Trump about prescription drug prices, Baltimore resident and Maryland State Representative Elijah Cummings implored him to tone down his hurtful message about black people and the neighborhoods we live in. 

Outside of the West Wing, Cummings stopped to talk to reporters about their conversation. He said that he told him, "I don’t know if anybody has ever said this to you, but most African Americans are doing pretty good…And when we hear those words about carnage and we're living depressed situations, I told him that it was very hurtful to people."

Cummings also told reporters that after his talk with the president that he "seemed to get it". But honestly, this is the same man who believed that black people had nothing to lose when it came to voting for him because we all collectively "live in your poverty." And the Rep did admit, "Now where he goes from there I don't know, but I could not come out of this meeting without raising those issues."

He also had some things to say about voter fraud. Shout out to Representative Cummings for having the patience to talk through the issues. 

Whether or not it actually makes an impact in any possible way remains to be seen. But as with anything he does, Mr. Trump tweeted about the conversation and gave it very positive reviews. So, who knows?