Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, and the range of Afro-Latinx faces and identity expression consistently proves there is no singular way to identify, look or be Hispanic.

Afro-Latinx people are of African descent within Latin origins or mixed individuals with Black and Latin parents.

People of Afro-Latinx descent have spoken about the need for visibility and proper representation in films, television, fashion, and music for years. When looking back on the highly anticipated film adaptation of the Broadway musical In The Heights, many critics challenged director Jon Chu and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for their lack of dark-skinned representation.

According to the New York Times, critic Marcia Garcia said, “There has long been a lack of Latino representation in Hollywood, and In the Heights was aimed as a step toward rectifying that.” 

Felice Leon, video producer from The Root, also spoke with Chu about the lack of representation.

“As a Black woman of Cuban descent specifically from New York City it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge the fact that most of your principal actors were light-skinned or white-passing Latinx people," Leon said to the director. 

Chu responded by saying the conversation was one that he needed to be educated on. 

Hispanic Heritage month allows Afro-Latinx people to be celebrated in their own way with honor, confidence and creativity. We're all familiar with celebs like Cardi B, LaLa and Melli, who have made loud strides for representation in the community.

But here are some other Afro-Latinx creators we love: