One thing will make Kandi Burruss leave The Real Housewives of Atlantaand it’s the return of this former star.

Some fans may want wordsmith and giver of shade Phaedra Parks to come back, but this peach will not have it.

Burruss was recently on the It’s Tricky with Racquel Harper podcast when the Grammy Award-winning entertainer was asked, “if they brought Phaedra back, would you be on the show?”

Burruss replied, without hesitation: “No.'

She added, “I just don’t think that she and I need to interact. You know what I mean. I let her do her thing, and when they decide to do that, then, you know.”

“OK, then you’d be like, I’m out of here. Nice knowing y’all. You gotta choose?” questioned Harper.

Buruss explained, “it’s not even about nobody making a choice because she’s other shows or whatever” before telling the interviewer that the situation between she and Parks was “fixable”.

In 2017, Burruss and Parks’ friendship dissolved during season nine’s reunion when it was revealed that Parks was behind the allegation that Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker were going to take advantage of Porsha Williams when she was inebriated.

During season 9, Williams continually referenced that Burruss was going to take advantage of her and that the Tuckers had a sex dungeon at their home.

Williams would never disclose where she received such information. She only continued to double down with her statements throughout the season. At the reunion, Williams finally admitted where she received her information, shocking the entire cast and Andy Cohen.

In total shock, Burruss lamented over the newly discovered information. Parks scrambled to find the words to mend the damage her actions caused and Williams broke down on stage and apologized realizing her accusations were false and damaging.

Listen to the podcast below: