Despite a police civilian oversight panel’s objections, the executive director of the Providence External Review Authority (PERA) released footage of a brutal attack on a Black man by a police sergeant.

According to The Providence Journal, the head of the organization, Jose Batista, opted to share the cellphone video and bodycam recording on Thursday with the public after the footage showed Rishod Gore’s violent arrest by Sgt. Joseph Hanley on April 19. 

An independent review performed by PERA detailed the harrowing chain of events from the night of the arrest. The findings determined that Hanley had used excessive force against Gore. 

Three officers approached Gore in response to a domestic violence call that night. In the video, Hanley could be seen forcibly removing the 28-year-old from the passenger seat of a vehicle they approached. 

Gore was thrown to the ground by officers and handcuffed while face down. During the arrest, Hanley could be seen taunting Gore as he knelt on the back of his neck. 

The officers can also be heard yelling expletives at another person in the car.