Gizelle Bryant shared her thoughts on bestie Robyn Dixon’s husband, Juan Dixon, losing his job at Coppin State University.

During a recent interview, The Real Housewives of Potomac star suggested Dixon was fired as basketball coach due to the team’s losing streak this season rather than the sexual assault allegations against one of the team’s assistant coaches.

“I think you know the coaching world is tough. … He was in a tough position, they did have a losing season,” Bryant said in the interview with Celebrity Page’s Ricky Cornish, according to The Jasmine Brand. “I think these universities kind of look at it as you’re as good as your last season.”

The sexual harassment lawsuit against Coppin State University and its assistant basketball coach has made headlines these last few months.

As previously covered, a former basketball player named Ibn Williams accused Coppin State assistant coach Lucian Brownlee of catfishing him online, beginning in 2018. In the lawsuit, Williams alleges Brownlee faked an online persona and tricked him into sending explicit photos and videos.

Williams also says Brownlee blackmailed him into recording sexual acts and allegedly distributed the intimate images online, resulting in the college athlete losing his scholarship.

According to the lawsuit, Williams alerted Dixon of the situation when he learned the person he was talking to online was Brownlee. However, no action occurred, and Williams transferred to another institution.

CBS Sports reported that Coppin State finished the season 9-23.

While it’s unclear what Dixon’s next career move will be, Bryant is confident he’ll “bounce back.”

“Juan, if anything I know about him, he’ll bounce back, and he’ll be fine,” she said.