Rick Ross jumped on social media on Wednesday with another lesson for his fans. This time, the rapper stepped into the boxing gym for a quick sparring session, but he briefly stopped working out to explain why people hear certain noises while boxers are throwing punches — funnily enough, he says it’s not because their hands are moving that fast.

“They make them noises just to put fear in the opponent’s heart,” Ross said, mimicking the loud hitting noises. “All that breathing s**t, you would think they’re punching so fast like Bruce Lee.”

“That ain’t nothing. That n***a making that noise with his mouth and if you fall for it, that’s you,” he added, pointing to his head.

“I’mma eat it,” he said, shouting back at the camera.

Fans were quick to award him the title of “funniest rapper” in the industry.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, a TV show might not be out of the question. Ross has spent his fair share of time in front of the camera, appearing on the reality competition series Signed in 2017.

With the run Ross has been on in recent months, more videos certainly seem to be on the table in the near future.

Ross has been sharing more of his personal life shenanigans recently, including adding animals to his ranch and cutting down trees in his yard.

One thing is for sure — whether he’s on his at-home ranch, named “The Promised Land,” or on some of his outside excursions, it’s clear his fans are thoroughly entertained by Ross.