Rapper Rick Ross is on life support, following reports stating he had pneumonia, according to TMZ. 

On Thursday, March 1, Emergency responders arrived at Ross' home in Davie, Florida, and transported him to a local hospital. He showed signs of distress and heavy breathing. A witness told TMZ that Ross was "slobbing out the mouth."

He is currently in the cardiac unit of the hospital receiving respiratory treatment. Ross is hooked up to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine that pumps oxygen into his blood. It's a serious sign, that Ross is basically on life support at the moment. Yet, an undefined family member denies Ross is in the hospital.

The rapper has a history of seizures. In 2011, he had two seizures within six hours and was hospitalized in Birmingham, Alabama; he said it was due to a lack of sleep. In 2016, he made a lifestyle shift and lost 75 pounds. 

Blavity, along with Twitter, are sending up prayers.