Twitter had a busy week crying in laughter over ASMR voiceovers of their favorite reality TV shows and debating reparations.

Kawhi Leonard started the week off by delighting the internet with his own rendition of his much-ridiculed laugh while reinforcing his status as our fave. Rihanna left us all in tears on Friday when clips of her appearance on Seth Meyer's late night show were released.

Here are the tweets of the week.

Kawhi finally emerged from his shell now that his Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals.

Twitter fell in love with ASMR versions of their favorite shows, whispering over their favorite reality TV characters.

Rihanna dominated Twitter this week as her fans continue to clamor for her next album.

As usual, a few memes dominated our feeds and brought the laughs.

Reparations was a big part of the discussion this week as Congress debated the topic and Juneteenth came and went.

Now that the tweets of the week are in the books, it's time to enjoy the weekend.